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You have opened up the distant, nostalgic recollections of times gone by at Riverview Park! The actual amusement park is no more...but the memories will live on for now as long as a soul still breathes that can say "I went to Riverview!".

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Riverview Display...check this out at Hiland Park Hardware presently for a limited time.


Gary Niederhauser post on Youtube ...Riverview in color and cute kids about 1965.

DISCLAIMER-Nearly all the information found on this site is from past recollections shared by three generations of our family who were involved in both ownership and management of Riverview. Many of the dates may be approximate and the information only as good as the aging minds doing the recollecting. Thus, anything found here is from the horse's mouth and likely to be the way it was.... yet certainly subject to friendly dispute.



[Bill Kooker]